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Here is a current selection of our recent success stories. We attract considerable amount of repeat business because of our highly cost effective service. If you have not already subscribed why not send us your vacancy details and we will be pleased to discuss how best we can assist.

As a leader in the personal care market, this very successful Somerset based contracts packaging company have used Beechwood over a three-year period to recruit a Plant Engineer, Engineering Manager and a Maintenance Engineer over a three-year period, using our one-month scheme each time. The HR Manager has been extremely pleased that she can rely on Beechwood to fill their vacant roles within a one-month period, as well as saving thousands on placement fees.

A recently established certification body supporting the world’s largest commercial and industrial property insurance and risk management organisation, contacted us with a requirement for a Project Engineer which they had been struggling to fill. Within a month they had drawn up an excellent shortlist and appointed a Project Engineer the very next day after the interviews took place. The HR Advisor was extremely pleased with our service and the quick result of a placement.

We recently heard from a candidate who we placed as a Sales Engineer back in 1983. At the time he used us, he was in a job which wasn’t going anyway and he tells us that after we secured him an interview, his career only went up. After moving through various technical sales and management related jobs, he started his own company which he sold in 2005. This earnt him a few million in the process! He found us again after surfing the net all these years later and sends his thanks! A true success story!

Successful and rapidly growing specialist manufacturers of bars and racking systems based near Chester have recently recruited a Mechanical Design Engineer. The client found the ideal candidate within just a few weeks of commencement of our service. They were extremely pleased with the high level of quality applicants during the period of service.

A leading provider of high integrity handling systems to the defence and nuclear industries based Bristol used Beechwood Recruitment to recruit a Stress Analysis Engineer, a Principal Mechanical Engineer and a Systems Engineer. The company were very impressed with the quality of candidates and efficiency of service, and have now renewed their subscription for a further 6 months.

An International Engineering Services company based Aberdeen which provides Maintenance Support, Design, Project Delivery and Construction Services to major oil and gas industry clients recruited two Structural Analysts through Beechwood. As well as saving huge amounts of money on placement fees, valuable time was also saved as Beechwood handles the whole procedure including interview arrangements.

A respected specialist decommissioning and remediation contracting business which provides core technical and engineering expertise to nuclear customers world-wide has successfully recruited a number of Mechanical Engineers, Safety Engineers and Nuclear Specialists based in Cheshire and Gloucestershire.  They were very pleased with the quality of candidates and have continued working with us for a further six months to carry on the success.

A world leader in nuclear fusion research based in Oxfordshire has successfully placed an Electro-Mechanical Technician to join their team where they are at the heart of international efforts to develop fusion as a sustainable source of energy.  They were very impressed by the efficiency of service and continue to use us.

The world leader in wind technology and a driving force in the development of the wind power industry based in Hampshire has successfully recruited an Aerodynamicist.  This is an extremely specialist field and they were very pleased with the calibre of candidate we attracted.

A successful and rapidly growing Hampshire based company who specialise in the provision of helicopters and associated services to both the military and commercial sectors recruited a Project Engineer-Human Factors, Quality Manager, Business Development Manager, and a Technical Support Engineer over a six month period. The company has been extremely pleased with the constantly high level of quality candidates during this period.

Beechwood successfully placed 6 Engineer Inspectors for an Engineering Insurance Company in various locations over the UK during a four-month assignment. As well as saving huge amounts of money on placement fees, valuable time was also saved as Beechwood handled the whole procedure including interview arrangements.

A West London based specialist cycle manufacturer uses Beechwood Recruitment to locate top Professionals with an interest in cycling - Engineering Manager, Marketing Manager and Design Engineers. Our one-month scheme has always been regarded by the Chairman to be an excellent method to adopt and has proved successful on every occasion, saving many thousands of pounds of valuable budget.

A world renowned UK wide Engineering Consultancy continue to use Beechwood for many years. Over the last 12 months we have been covering in excess of 80 vacancies and they have regularly been interviewing and placing Consultants and Engineers. They appreciate the fact they have the flexibility to approach candidates directly themselves, or to leave all the arrangements to Beechwood and are very pleased with our service.

An established manufacturer of medical equipment has recently recruited a Senior Mechanical Engineer through Beechwood. The company were very pleased with the service and are currently interviewing a number of candidates for a junior role.

A Wales based world leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of Silicone Polymers and Silicon Chemicals used Beechwood to recruit a number of Chemical Process Engineers. They were pleased with the good response from Beechwood, they held a number of interviews and recruited several Engineers who are all continuing to do very well within the company.

A Yorkshire based leader in factory-produced modular framing and structural systems for offsite construction applications used Beechwood last year to recruit an experienced Product Development Engineer and were impressed with the service provided so have now returned to use Beechwood again to recruit 2 further Engineers.

An American Aerospace Specialist Materials Company approached Beechwood for assistance in recruiting a bilingual General Manager based in Belgium. This assignment was fast tracked and the President and Vice President of the Company were delighted to make an appointment within just 4 weeks. "Thanks for all of your help in this search. It was a whirlwind of a search and we completely appreciate your efforts. "

A CFD Consultancy in Lincolnshire appointed a Senior PhD Consultant and wrote to us stating his experience with Beechwood had been very positive and professional.

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