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Candidates - Why choose Beechwood?

We have placed thousands of people all over the world and you too can benefit from our service. There are many advantages of being a Beechwood candidate - please take just a few minutes to read what we can offer you.

Beechwood gives you a clear advantage over other agency's candidates

You may not realise it, but your prospective employer has to pay anything between 15 and 30 percent of your annual salary to the agency who successfully introduces you to them. Do you think they like paying this?? Just think how much they have to spend if they need to fill a number of senior positions!

On the other hand, Beechwood candidates do not cost an employer any percentage fees as the employers have already paid a subscription, which allows them to recruit a limitless number of people from us.

So when all things are equal between you and another agency's candidate, who do you think would have the edge?


Beechwood offers you more career choices

We attract so many vacancies from companies large and small, in the UK and overseas, that we are sure to be able to offer you an extensive choice of career openings.

Many vacancies filled today are never even advertised so even if you buy all the right publications you still may never know about your dream job. As a Beechwood candidate we will keep you informed of all potential career opportunities, so that you do not miss out on that really exceptional job opportunity.


Beechwood will consider you for all suitable positions

We will consider your details against all relevant positions, so even if you are not initially successful your details will remain active on our files until you find a new position or decide to stop looking.


It is easy to register with Beechwood

All you need to do is send us a copy of your CV along with a covering note outlining your geographical preferences and salary expectations. You only need to send us one copy, no matter how many vacancies interest you. Furthermore, there are no time wasting agency interviews to endure. We will judge your suitability for vacancies based on the details in your CV, which we will submit confidentially to our clients.


Beechwood only submits your CV to companies with current relevant vacancies

Unlike other agencies, we do not submit your CV to hundreds of potential companies just on the off chance that they might have something for you. This exercise can end up giving you a bad name with companies receiving your CV from a dozen different agencies making it appear that you are desperate. Instead, Beechwood will only submit your CV to our subscribers or potential subscribers. That means it only goes to companies who genuinely have requirements that would interest you and that your application is treated in strict confidence.

So give yourself the edge and register with Beechwood today!
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