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Help with Searching for Your Job

How to Search for Vacancies

Type what you are looking for in the text box and click the Search button. All Search keywords are treated equally, to priorities a keyword. Add a + to the from of the word.

You can optionally narrow your search into Industry Sector, Specialist Skill, and Location (via area, or postcode)


How does it Work?

On clicking the Find button you will get a list of documents that match your search, ranked in order of relevance. The search engine takes the frequency of query terms, the priority of the terms and creates a relevance from this information.

Other Criteria are absolute, therefore selecting the Industry Sector "Aerospace" will only return results with the Industry Sector Aerospace.

If postcode information is available for a document, this information is also taken into consideration.


Viewing Results

You can use the Previous and Next buttons or the row of numbers to navigate between pages of results.

Each item can be clicked on to view that document.



If your results are not what your looking for, try adding more specific keywords or prioritizing a keyword. Using the minus sign will take away a keyword from the result, Using the plus sign will give this word more priority, and Using brackets "()" can group terms together to get a more exact result.
+(energy production) gas


Extra Features

If a word is especially important to you, you can type it with a plus sign in front of it; for example:


This will give the word a very high importance in the search, so that documents containing the word will appear at the top of the list.

Conversely if you wish to look for documents that do NOT contain a particular word, type the word with a minus sign in front of it; for example:


This will remove all results containing the word

Adding your postcode, and a maximum distance to travel. If the postcode of the vacancy is available, the distance to travel is returned. You can order the results by the minimum distance to the maximum distance on the search form. If a vacancy does not have the information needed to calculate the distance, the vacancy is still displayed.

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